Namaste which translated means the Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you. As we journey through life so much is talked about seeking, finding the answers. As we are all unique there are no right or wrong answers only the ones that resonate with our own unique truths. We are souls with a physical existence. What makes your Soul sing? Do you live a joyfully enthusiastic life? If not, why do you not choose to do so? We need to be part of the solution whether it is our health spiritual and physical or our way of being.

The choice is in your head, change your thought patterns and connect to the feelings. Be in the present moment. Express gratitude for all that has gone before, for the now and for the potential of tomorrow.

Please join me so we can discover our joys, share our triumphs and experience our lessons as we live and grow in Love, Light and Joy.

Choose to live in the present. Refuse to allow the past dictate your present. Live Love and Find JOY.