Linda Blackshaw & Vibrance Branding 1

Linda is originally from Scotland and arrived in Western Australia in May 1982. She is an author, energy healer, mindset motivator , clairsentient tarot reader and channel. Two books have been channelled and published and another book of channelled messages is in the works.

She has been working on a Fantasy for over ten years and last year decided to change it to a series. Book 1 with the title Becoming Dragon Lord is with Beta Readers and in editing. Linda tackled this with gusto and missed a few steps and is now creating a may as she begins book 2.

In 2020 The Sand Bear Has No Socks was birthed and published and so began the journey into children’s books. Six are currently with the editor and she hopes to publish two or three next year with the possibility of a boxed set of ‘Eric’ books (The star of Sand Bear)

Channelled messages come through from the Archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, The Divine Mothers, ascended masters and Source.

“Breathe in the Light of Love” and discover who you are meant to be. All of us are “Beings of Light” we  just operate on different frequencies.
Linda is a Soul who inhabits the body, not a body and mind that is struggling to connect with Soul. Your Soul is not separate but with you from birth held within your Heart. Learn to walk the path of  SoulHeartMind and watch your love and joy burst free.