Energy Healing

In an energy healing session I blend Source Energy, Earth Energy, Reiki, Colour, Animal Guides. I am guided by what your body needs. You go into your own Sacred Space and leave it with the built in instruction that the healing continues. The healing can be done in person, via Skype or via distant healing. With distant healing I let you know when I will conduct the healing so you can rest quietly although it is not necessary.

The distant healing can only be done at the request of the person needing healing except in the case of children when  a parent can make the request or if someone is deemed not able to do so e.g. due to disability or coma. In which case they may be open to receiving the energy.

However, you can place yourself or anyone else in the Healing Box. No permission needed.

When I receive a name I write it on a piece of paper and pop it into the box. Each evening I request healing for everyone in the box. When the box is full at either the Full Moon or the New Moon I empty the box and burn the contents. I give thanks for the healing received and ask that it continues. For those who have moved onto the next stage of their journey I ask blessings and for healing of their families.

Transforming DNA Memories

Sometimes you just seem stuck and no matter how much work you do on yourself either progress is non existent or very slow. The this may be just what you need. We discuss the changes you want to have in your life, recording them as positive affirmations and then we ask your body what we need to deal with first. Using kineseology your body tells me where to begin and then takes us through a blueprint, guided by your body. This can only be done in person.

Mindset Motivation

The importance of the way we think is key to how we craft our lives. By taking charge of your thoughts you can create a more vibrant life. By aligning thoughts with your emotions you can manifest more into your life. By changing your mindset there is less stress. Begin today by eliminating but, not going to happen and the more negative words. Learn to only say no to what you don’t want and an unqualified yes . A hesitant yes sends the message to the Universe that you don’t really want it.

Do you want more bills in your life? What we think of is what we get more of.

There will always be bills but I have found by not giving them more attention that they don’t all come at once. Life is energy, for example a bill is just informing us that we need to make an energy exchange for something that we have used or purchased.

Contact me if you are interested in changing your mindset. If I am the right fit for you we can do the session via Skype.